Craft Beer in Orlando's Audubon Park Garden District

I've been enjoying craft beer in Orlando's Audubon Park Garden District since our family moved to Orlando in the Winter of 2011. We lived in nearby Baldwin Park and would enjoy coming over to this Main Street. One of my first memories was stopping by the Monday Night Community Market and thought this is cool. There were local wares, produce, music and more. What I really thought was cool was that I could enjoy a beer at the market. None of the markets I had been to in Philadelphia or Denver served beer.

A lot has changed in Audubon Park since we first moved to Orlando. Redlight Redlight moved in the neighborhood and East End Market is the shining star of the city. Our family made the move back to Denver for a short bit last August. A job brought us back to Florida this Spring. We have now made the move to Winter Park and are a stone's throw away from all the wonderful shops and eateries in Audubon Park.

There are so many things I enjoy about living in this community. The local connection is wonderful. I'm a happy lady that I can enjoy so much without ever having to get in my car. Of course, this Lady Crafter couldn't be happier with all the craft beer choices I have right here within blocks of me.

I've been enjoying my visits to Bikes Beans & Bordeaux since our original move to Orlando. It's a perfect cafe for me. They have a great sandwich and salad menu. Looking for a little breakfast and a latte, B3 has you covered.
Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux in Audubon Park Garden District
Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux 

This local eatery has a nice wine selection, but for me, the draw is their beer menu. They have about twenty-five bottles and a couple of drafts to choose from. It's quite varied and it changes a bit every month.

One thing I love about B3 is their monthly beer tasting they do every last Thursday of the month. There's a flight of beers from the same brewery or of similar beers. They even have a little information about the beers. How cool is that?
Belgian Beer Flight at Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux
Belgian Beer Flight at Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux

If you're looking for a casual spot to enjoy a good beer to go along with a tasty sandwich check out Bikes, Beans, and Bordeaux. Perhaps someday they'll add beer to it as well and become B4.

Local Roots

Local Roots is all about Florida goods all year long. This "farm store" is located in the East End Market. It's the first vendor you come upon when walking into the Market. While you'll find plenty of produce and meats they also have some tasty adult beverages to enjoy. 
East End Market
East End Market

There are eight local beers on tap along with some local wines. Along with the beer on tap, you can purchase six packs and various big bottles to take home.

While there is seating at the bar inside the Market I prefer to take my flight outdoors and enjoy the beautiful courtyard.
Bar Seating at Local Roots
Bar Seating at Local Roots

The 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month are Serenade Saturdays. You can enjoy live music in the covered courtyard from 2pm-5pm. Perfect opportunity to enjoy some local beer with local music.
Craft Beer at Local Roots at the East End Market
Funky Buddha Brewery ~ Floridian Hefeweizen & Sweet Potato Casserole Paired with Olde Hearth cookies

Redlight Redlight

Redlight Redlight just celebrated ten years of serving of craft beer in Orlando. They haven't been in their Audubon Park location all those years, but it sure feels like they have. Redlight Redlight is a favorite among craft beer "geeks". The bar gets lots of national attention including a 99 on Ratebeer, right up there with Cigar City Brewery.
Redlight Redlight
Redlight Redlight

You'll find about 25 drafts and 250 bottles to choose from. Not too shabby! They mix up the draft beers quite a bit, always making for tasty new options to enjoy. You'll even find a couple of their own taps now. On a recent visit, Bryan and I enjoyed their Grand Dix a collaboration with Collaboration with Cigar City. It was a great Belgian Strong Dark Ale.

If you follow them on Instagram you can see what's on tap for the evening. Always a good way to entice beer lovers. I saw that they had an Avery beer from 2009 and I was one happy lady. Hubs was happy he could get his Belgian Golden from Crooked Can that night.
Craft Beers at Redlight Redlight
Crooked Can Domestic Bliss & Avery Brewing Company Samuel's Oak-Aged Ale

There are always events happening at Redlight Redlight. During the neighborhood Bastille Day Celebration, they hosted a Rogue Market inside the bar. It was a lot of fun with all the different vendors. Wondermade was there selling their homemade marshmallows and they caught my eye. My buddy, the Hoppy Lady bought me one to put into my beer and it was quite tasty!
Craft Beer and Wondermade marshmallows
Wondermade Marshmallows and a Prairie Artisan Ales Milk Stout

Most nights you'll find a food truck out front of Redlight Redlight.  Bem Bom has been setting up on Mondays regularly. They're one of my favorite food trucks, so it's nice to enjoy their food with some tasty beer.
craft beer at redlight redlight
M.I.A. Beer Co Siete Potencias

Pretty lucky to have a great craft beer bar in the neighborhood, even better is no driving is involved for me!

Stardust Video and Coffee

One might not think that a "Video and Coffee" shop would have such a good selection of craft beer. Stardust is another gem of a craft beer spot in Audubon Park.
Stardust Video and Coffee
Stardust Video and Coffee

I've enjoyed a beer at many Monday Audubon Park Community Markets. This Market takes place in the parking lot of Stardust. There are a number of vendors and Stardust has their own booth selling carrot dogs and beer. While they only have one beer for sale at the Market, you can go inside and enjoy a larger selection.

I'm really happy they have a nice selection of craft beer, I just wish there was better signage for it. It's hard to see what's on tap or what all the bottles are.

If you go at a slower time it's a bit easier to browse the beer case. I think their selection of beer gets pushed aside because they have some really great cocktails. One of their recent blends even had some Cigar City Cucumber Saison in it. 
Stardust Video and Coffee craft beer bottles
Bottle selection

Stardust is a one of a kind. When I'm not here on a Monday I enjoy stopping in the funky eatery during the afternoon for coffee or grabbing a sandwich. Their food is tasty and now that I'm in the neighborhood I need to make it over for their Sunday Brunch.

If you're looking for something unique to Orlando, you've got to check out Stardust. Monday is a great time to enjoy the Market. Enjoy a little local love.
Stardust Video and Coffee
Monday Community Market

I'm thinking they should rename the district and become the Audubon Park "Beer" Garden District. Either way, for a craft beer lover I live in a great neighborhood for beer. 

Also check out Park Ave CD's, while they don't serve beer they do have a small selection of craft beer books worth checking out.

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