My Craft Beer Week With Visits to Central Florida Breweries and More

A fun festive week going into December. There are signs of the holiday season everywhere, sans the cold weather!
I was out at Crooked Can Brewing Company to enjoy a quick High Stepper IPA. Plant Street Market looked so lovely decked out in lights and wreaths. The brewery is located in such a cool space. Beers on the patio are such a delight.

Crooked Can Brewing company
All decked out for the holidays

The weather has been a bit too warm for me. Some people like my husband love it. Not this lady. Though it does make it nice to enjoy drinks outside. 

Winter Park started off their holiday activities Thursday night. Bryan and I took the kids to BurgerFi for dinner. I was a happy lady enjoying some Swamphead Big Nose IPA. This helped deal with the crowds that evening. I think everyone from Winter Park was on Park Ave
craft beer at burger fi.
Swamphead Big Nose IPA

Friday afternoon one of my besties and I went for drinks and a bite in Audubon Park. We stopped at Bikes, Beans Bordeaux for some delicious Bisque and a Central 28 Up River Pale Ale. This little cafe has some great bites and a decent craft beer menu. Their Mushroom Brie Bisque is amazing!
Soup & beer at bikes, beans bordeaux
Bisque & beer

Saturday was a great night. It involved beer and friends and that is always fun. Bryan and I started out at The Ravenous Pig, but we went to the bar for Happy Hour and this is still kinda Cask & Larder? I don't know, all I know is they still have Cask & Larder beers and a Happy Hour and you can still see the brewery. The food is Ravenous Pig and the dining room has changed. The only big difference in the bar area is two more televisions showing sports.
craft beer at Cask & Larder
Cask & Larder 5 Points IPA

After Happy Hour our group headed over to the Bear & Peacock to try some of Central Florida's newest brews. The tasting room has been open for about a couple of months, but they just got their beers on tap. I went with a session IPA since I knew it was going to be a long night. Bryan went with a Belgian Golden. After I tried his beer I wish I had gone with the higher ABV. My beer was fine, but I loved his beer. He got the last pour. I'll have to keep my eye out for when Mischief gets tapped again👍

I've got to get back and try some more of their beers. So happy they have a handful of them on tap now.

From there we made our way from Winter Park to Ivanhoe Village. Our group kept gaining people along the way. It was so much fun to run into friends and continue the party over at the Imperial Wine Bar and Beer Garden. 

I always enjoy drinking in this unique bar. Our timing worked out great. Eugene Snowden was performing that night. Always entertaining watching him perform. We got some beers and light bites (their Imperial Sliders are delish!) and sat back and enjoyed the show.

Our last drinking spot for the night was at The Thirsty Topher. We ran into another group of our friends here. There was a pub crawl going on so people were out and about in the Mills50 neighborhood.

I was a happy lady, I finally got to enjoy some of this year's Death By Coconut. I'm a huge fan of coconut beers and this one doesn't disappoint💓 I think I'll have to take a trip up to Longmont and finally visit Oskar Blues Brewery when I go back to Denver for the holidays.

BTW if you're looking for some late night eats in the Mills50 area Lazy Moon Pizza is open til 2:30 am 🍕 I can't believe I was out for over 8 hours. The pizza was just what I needed.
Oskar Blues Death by coconut at the Thirsty Topher
Death by coconut

Sunday was a big chill and detox day. Finished putting up Christmas decorations and wrapped up my Holiday Beer Exchange. Six of us got a holiday/seasonal beer to share with others. We each got to enjoy a mixed holiday pack of beer goodies. I'm going to make this an annual tradition. Much more fun than a cookie exchange! 🎄

I hope you are enjoying some of the fun events going on this holiday season. I can't keep up with all the events! It was nice to have so many fun things going on so close to home. 

Till next week....

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Brewery Visit to Walking Tree Brewery in Vero Beach Florida

I was happy to hear there was a new brewery in Vero Beach. Vero is where my parents winter and we go down to visit when we can. Walking Tree Brewing opened this past summer. It's located out by the airport in a historic aviation warehouse that was used by the Navy.

Walking Tree Brewery in Vero Beach Florida

I thought my first visit to Walking Tree would be on a visit to see my folks but that wasn't the case. Walking Tree was our last brewery stop of the day on a long day of brewery hopping with friends on the Treasure Coast. We had stopped by four other breweries beforehand. I don't even know how beer sounded good after drinking at all the previous breweries. I looked at the menu and spotted an Imperial Porter, cause what the heck why not cap off the day with an imperial beer.
Walking Tree Brewing beer menu
Tap list during one of our visits

Bryan went big too and got a pour of the Candyman Belgian Triple (9.5%ABV). This Triple ended up being a favorite beer of the day among a few in our group. I thought by Breconshire Porter (9.3%ABV) was delicious too
craft beer at walking tree brewery
Breconshire Imperial Porter ~ Candyman Belgian Tripel

We didn't really have much time to take in the atmosphere at Walking Tree the first visit. I knew I liked the space. It's one of the larger tasting rooms I've been too and they've done a good job with blending their tree theme in the brewery.

A couple of weeks later we were in Vero to visit my folks and I was happy to show them the brewery. They had friends who have been and like it too.

This visit was on a Saturday and the place was bopping! There were a bunch of different parties going on, lots of folks drinking, playing games and having a good time.

There are lots of games to play in the tasting room. They have darts & cornhole along with a bunch of board games. If that isn't enough you'll find the days game on the big screen too.
cornhole at Walking Tree Brewing
Cornhole anyone?

We timed our visit so we could drink beer and listen to the live music. There was a great band up from Fort Lauderdale in the house that night. Got a White Walking Tree IPA (6.7% ABV) to go with the tunes.
craft beer at Walking Tree Brewery
White Walking Tree IPA

I noticed they had advertised a few events taking place at the brewery. They had an upcoming beer dinner, a bi-weekly brewery tour with other nearby breweries and they had a few nightly events as well. Lots of fun stuff going on with Walking Tree.

I look forward to visiting again soon when I'm down in Vero to see my folks. There's still a lot of their beers I need to try. If they're like the ones I've had I will be one happy lady.

My favorite beer: Candyman Belgian Tripel
Guest taps or bottles: No
Their beer sold in cans or bottles: No
Crowlers: No
Food: No
Patio: No
Kids: ✔
Dogs: ✔
Visits: 3
Setting: Historic warehouse
Vibe: Warehouse
What I enjoy: Nice variety of tasty beers. The setting is pretty cool too.
Reviews from the web: 4.5 Google - 3.85/5 Untappd

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My Craft Beer Week With A Couple of New Brewery Visits

It's the start of the Holiday season!🦃🎄 I always feel like Thanksgiving is the kickoff to a great month of fun and family.

We were having my folks over for Thanksgiving and I waiting to do shopping to the last minute. Dreading hitting Trader Joes I talked hubs into getting a beer at Shake Shack to make the shopping a lot more doable.

The view out back, of the restaurant, is quite lovely. We grabbed a 20oz Shackmeister Ale brewed by Brooklyn Brewery and enjoyed the calm before the storm.
Shackmeister Ale brewed by Brooklyn Brewery
Brews with a view

Wednesday Bryan and I headed downtown to one of my favorite bars in Orlando. Tap & Grind was having a Bourbon County Black Hump Day event. We enjoyed some beers on the patio with friends. Hubs got a couple of Bourbon County beers I ended up with a mixed variety including this tasty Black Mamba stout from LauderAle.
Craft beer at the bar at Tap & Grind in Orlando
Lots of goodies on tap

Black Friday had us driving to Tampa to drop off our daughter. We made our way back to Orlando stopping at a few breweries along the way. 

Our first brewery stop was at Coppertail Brewing. This is one of our favorite breweries to enjoy beers and hang out at. They had a few dark beers on tap for Black Friday. Hubs got a rum barrel beer that I thought smelled to boozy, but he loved it. I went with a Neapolitan stout. I really liked it. I thought they did a good job with the mix of flavors.

The next brewery was a new visit for us. We made the drive back east on 60 to Tampa Beer Works. This is a small warehouse brewery out towards Brandon.  I've wanted to stop by here a couple of other times, but they aren't open as many hours as other breweries so it just never worked out.

I went with a flight and really enjoyed them all. My favorite was their Joosy Fruit IPA (6.5% ABV). It tasted just like the Juicy Fruit gum. Delicious IPA🍺 They said they would start canning this beer soon. Can't wait to come back for more!

We debated what brewery to hit next. It was between Grove Roots in Winter Haven or Zephyrhills Brewing in Zephyrhills. Both off the beaten path from I-4. We decided to head northeast and check out Zephyrhills Brewing.

This was a nice tasting room. Great patio out front looking out on the downtown area. Plenty of seating inside and at the bar. I went with a beer flight, surprise surprise. My favorite beer in the flight was their Dean Dairy Stout (4.9% ABV). It was a great milk stout full of flavor.

We had a great visit here too. I love it when I visit breweries for the first time not knowing what to expect and end up really enjoying the whole experience. What I especially liked that day was how nice and welcoming everybody was at all the breweries.
Beer Flight at Zephyrhills Brewing Company
Beer flight is best

Saturdays are usually my big brewery days, but I knew there would be no drinking for me on this Saturday that is why we had a big day Friday. Saturday I had mom duties all day and night. I was a chaperone for my daughter's chorus class that was performing at Epcot for their Candlelight Processional that evening. No drinking at Epcot for me😢

It was a wonderful show and I was very proud of her. There are people that pass out during the performance y'all!
Candlelight Processional at Epcot
Perfect way to get into the holiday spirit

Sunday was a day of relaxing. It felt great. Drank the leftover Sam Adams Winter Classics beers and watched football. It was a nice way to end the week. There was plenty last week to be thankful about💖

Till next week.....

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Brewery Visit to Sailfish Brewing in Fort Pierce Florida

Bryan and I first visited Sailfish Brewing two and a half years ago. The brewery had recently opened in Fort Pierce. We were visiting my folks in Vero Beach and made a trip south to the neighboring town to check out the brewery.
Sailfish Brewing entrance
Look for the yellow house

When we came upon the yellow house of the brewery we thought how charming is this! I don't think you necessarily think of charming and brewery at the same time, but there is something delightful about a brewery located inside a yellow house with a beautiful beer garden.
Sailfish Brewing

The inside of the tasting room is a bit small. There is one room with a few tables and then the bar is located off of that and you can find a handful of chairs to belly up to there.
Inside the tasting room at Sailfish Brewing
Inside the tasting room

For our first visit, we went with a flight of beers. I remember thinking these were solid beers. We enjoyed chatting a bit with our server and watching whatever sport was on the TV that afternoon.
flight of beers at Sailfish Brewings
Beer flight beauty

I really like visiting Sailfish Brewing. They have one of my favorite beer gardens. When you think of what a brewery in Florida would be like this is what comes to my mind. A large yard filled with tiny shells and picnic tables and chairs scattered about. They have a fire pit, cornhole & a giant Jenga too. Making it a fun spot to chill and drink beer.
Beer Garden at Sailfish Brewing
Beer garden

I had hoped we would make it back to the brewery sooner, but life gets in the way. I was happy when we finally did make it back for another visit. This time we had a van full of friends joining us. We stopped by on another Sunday afternoon. Though this was unlike our first visit when there were few folks at the brewery. This afternoon there was a 40th birthday celebration going on outside.
Beer Garden games at Sailfish Brewing
Great for groups

I just wanted to enjoy a full pour and take in the vibe in the garden. Bryan and I shared a couple of IPA's. We got a pour of Flounder Pounder (9.6% ABV) their Imperial IPA and Session De Lupulo (4.2% ABV). My favorite out of the two was the session beer. I found it to be citrusy and full of flavor, just how I like a session IPA.
beers in the beer garden at sailfish brewing
Beers in the garden

The brewery is great for groups of all sizes. Granted most of the seating is outside and that would be dependent on the weather. I would love to come back at night and see how lovely the garden is all lit up with the garden lights and tiki torches glowing.
craft beer on the patio at Sailfish Brewing
Sunrise City

Look for more Saiflish beer in the near future. The brewery is currently in the works of creating a bigger brewey and tasting room in downtown Fort Pierce by the Marina. I hope they keep the current location as well.The atmosphere is all about enjoying Florida and the beers brewed here.

City: Fort Pierce
Popular beers on Untappd: Sunrise City IPA, White Marlin Wit & Black Sail Black IPA
My favorite beer: Session De Lupolo
Guest taps or bottles: No
Their beer sold in cans or bottles: No
Crowlers: No
Food: No
Patio: Yes
Bar vs patio: Patio
Kids: ✔
Dogs: ✔
Visits: 2
Setting: House turned brewery
Vibe: Beachy
Reviews from the web: 4.8 Google - 3.73 Untappd
What I enjoy: If feels like a Florida brewery should. Drinking IPA's in the beer garden.

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My Craft Beer Week With A Visit to Florida's Treasure Coast.

Happy Monday! It's beginning to feel like fall🍂 I've been waiting for the temperatures to drop a bit. It's nice when the holidays are coming up and while we won't get snow at least it won't be so dang hot.
Speaking of holidays I stopped by Big River Grille & Brewing Works at Walt Disney World's Boardwalk Resort on Thursday.  This is one of my favorite places to enjoy a beer. I just love the view at the Boardwalk.

Big River Grille & Brewing Works at Walt Disney World
Beers on the Boardwalk

The brewpub was hosting a Yule Fuel Tiramisu Brown Ale tapping party from 5pm-7pm. They had complimentary chocolate covered bacon and mini desserts to pair with the beer. I've been to a bunch of these tapping parties and have met some beers friends because of them. You end up seeing a number of regulars showing up to these events.

Sky the head brewer told me he wants to do these pairings at least once a month. Next month he's going to pair a Belgian Quad with Duck Confit sliders. Follow Big River on Facebook to be in the know.
Big River Grille Yule Fule Brown Ale
Yule Fuel🎄Brown Ale paired with cheesecakes and chocolate covered bacon

While I was at the tapping party I was talking to another beer friend who was telling me how much she enjoys M.I.A. Beer Company Tourist Trappe. I've seen the beer around town and I've had plenty of their beers I just have never had this one.

Bryan picked some up and I was impressed with this canned Belgian Tripel Ale. I will add it to my mix of local go-to beers.
MIA Tourist Trappe Belgian Tripel
Tasty Tripel

Saturday Bryan and I drove down to Vero Beach. My parents winter here and we always enjoy visiting this beach town. Vero Beach has easy access to the beach and plenty of parking and amenities in walking distance.

What Vero Beach also has is my favorite brewery. Orchid Island Brewery makes some great beers and they are only a block from the beach!

We enjoy it so much we walked over while we were at the beach and again that evening when they had live music to go with the beer.
Vero Beach
A straight block up from the brewery

Vero Beach has a newer brewery in town as well. We stopped by Walking Tree Brewery a couple of weeks ago. We enjoyed that visit and wanted my folks to check out the brewery.

The brewery was the place to be on Saturday night. There were a couple of parties going on and a bunch of folks just hanging out We came to hear The Copper Tones play for a bit.

I tried a couple of beers I didn't have the first time. Walking Tree Brewing is doing a great job with their beers. I'm happy I'll be able to enjoy both of the breweries a number of times when we come to visit this winter.
craft beer at Walking Tree Brewing in Vero Beach
White Walking Tree IPA

Sunday on our way back home we made our way up Hwy 1 so we could check out another brewery.

Pareidolia Brewing  Co. is located in Sebastion right off of 1. The brewery is in an unassuming strip mall. We were pleasantly surprised with the nice view of the Indian River from the beer garden out back.

We had wonderful service and went with a beer flight. My favorite out of the flight was their Big Beard Stong Ale👍

If you're interested in hitting all three breweries in a day check out the Treasure Coast Trolley Craft Brewery Tours.  I saw this advertised at Walking Tree.

Treasure Coast Trolley Craft Brewery Tours.
Sign me up!

Bryan and I were enjoying the view so much that we decided to walk up to Riverview Park and walk on the boardwalk. It was a bit chilly, but there's nothing like a water view. For me, it's a perfect balance to my beer fix.
Indian River in Sebastian Florida
Indian River

That's my beer adventure for the week. Enjoying some tried and true spots and new ones as well.

I hope you have a great holiday 🦃 May your week be filled with kindness and craft beer.

Till next week 🍻
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Brewery Visit to Deadly Sins Brewing in Winter Park Florida

Deadly Sins Brewing is one of Central Florida's newest brewery. Though they opened in the summer they didn't have their beers on tap until recently. You can now find their taps are filled with their beers and I'm happy to say I like what I tasted.
Deadly Sins Brewing winter park florida
I like the open air feel

I waited to visit Deadly Sins till I knew I could enjoy some of their own beers. My first visit was during their Grand Opening in mid-October. I went with a group of friends. We were out brewery hopping and Deadly Sins was our third stop of the night. The tasting room was packed!

We were happy to see the swedeDish Food Truck serving up tasty Swedish cuisine that night. We enjoyed drinking and eating and taking in the vibe.

We couldn't do flights that day because of the craziness of the celebration, so I went with a coconut imperial stout. Imperial Coconut La Mortelle Nuit (11.3%) was delicious. I love coconut beers and this beer did not disappoint.
craft beer at Deadly Sins Brewing
Imperial Coconut La Mortell Nuit

My second visit was a complete opposite of my first. Bryan and I biked over on a Sunday. It was very chill in the tasting room. There were groups of people scattered about, some playing games others watching the game on the TV.

We decided to split a flight of beers. I was going through the beer menu and it just happened that I went with a stout flight.
beer flight at Deadly Sins Brewing
Stout Flight

I knew I wanted to get the  Imperial Coconut La Mortelle Nuit (#9) again. I actually liked it even better this time around.  We also got an Imperial La Mortelle Nuit with coffee beans and cocoa nibs #10 (11.5% ABV), La Mortelle Nuit #11 (8.3% ABV) & Nitrodamus Stout #12 (8.3% ABV). 

It was nice to try the regular La Mortelle Nuit to see what the base tasted like and it was solid. I liked sticking with a stout flight and comparing them against each other. Next time I will have to mix it up and try one of their IPAs.
Beer Flight at Deadly Sins Brewing
La Mortelle Nuit ~ Nitrodamus Stout ~ Imperial Coconut La Mortelle Nuit ~  Imperial La Mortelle Nuit with coffee beans and cocoa nibs

The tasting room has a bit of a warehouse/garage feel about it. The doors were up bringing the outside in and it made for a nice afternoon enjoying beers.

The brewery has a lot of different events each week. They have food trucks from time to time and they are down the road from 4Rivers if you get hungry and there isn't a truck out front.

This would be a good brewery for groups of all ages to enjoy.
seven deadly sins at deadly sins brewing
Don't be tempted

I like the whole "deadly" theme going on. They can take some Pride in their beer.

City: Winter Park
My favorite beer: Imperial Coconut La Mortelle Nuit
Guest taps or bottles: ✔
Their beer sold in cans or bottles: No
Crowlers: No
Food: No/Food trucks at times
Patio: No/Open Air
Kids: Y✔
Dogs: ✔
Tours: ?
Visits: 2
Setting: Warehouse
Vibe: Warehouse
What I enjoy: The beer was tasty and the service was very friendly. They have a lot of events.
Reviews from the web: 4.4 Google - 3.77/5 Untappd
Local spots nearby to check out: 4Rivers SmokehouseKrungthep Tea Time & Mead Gardens
Nearby brewery: Ten10 Brewing

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My Craft Beer Week Keeping it Local in Orlando

After a weekend before of brewery hopping down south, I took it a little slow this last week. I kept my outings close to home. In fact, I ended up walking & biking to all of them.

Thursday I stopped by Redlight Redlight to enjoy beers with a friend from out of town. My friend Charles has been to their original location in Winter Park, but it was his first visit in their newer digs.

While we were there Brett the owner came over and enjoyed some beers with us. He pulled out a farmhouse pale ale that they hope to start bottle next month. It was delicious.

Friday night we enjoyed some great beer at home. I keep raving about G & B Bottle Shop. I love that I can look online and give hubs my beer order on his way home. I hadn't had Sixpoint 5 Beans before and was happy to see that G&B's had some. Wow, I can say this is one of my favorite coffee beers.
Six point 5 beans

We can finally start enjoying the weather here in Florida. It was a beautiful Saturday so we headed over to Baldwin Park to enjoy some bites and beers. We stopped by The Osprey Tavern for some pizza and beers during Happy Hour. I just love their pizza and house salad. They don't have a big craft beer menu, but they have a decent selection to choose from. I got a Lagunitas while hubs went with a Central 28 pale ale.
Lagunitas Czech Pilsner & Central 28 Up River craft beers
$4 Happy Hour 🍺

After dinner, we had some chocolate and wine on the patio at Uptown Wine Bar. We thought we were done for the night, but as we were walking past WineStyles we decided to go in and see what they had. We ended up getting a couple of beers including this Lagunitas and then we capped off our evening with another 5 Beans💗
Lagunitas Sucks
Tastes quite nice 🖏

Sunday was another beautiful day to be outside and enjoy Orlando. We hopped on our bikes and made a few stops around town. We checked out the new Lazy Moon on Colonial. I love their pizza, I like it so much I didn't mind that I had pizza the night before. They have a decent selection of craft on tap too.
Lazy Moon Pizza slice
Pizza & Beer💕

We made our way up to Deadly Sins. I had only been to the brewery during their Grand Opening Celebration, so it was nice to stop by and enjoy a stout flight when the crowd was a bit more chill. Enjoyed our flight. My favorite was the Imperial Coconut La Mortelle Nuit, so good!
Deadly Sins Brewing Beer Flight
Stout Flight

As always I start my Mondays off with a run. It's my way of balancing the beer. I love that I can enjoy the beauty that is found in the parks throughout Orlando.
Harbor Park in Baldwin Park Florida
Look for the beauty.....

Till next week. May your week be filled with kindness and craft beer. 

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Brewery Visit to Tequesta Brewing in Tequesta Florida

I stopped by Tequesta Brewing Company for the first time with a group of friends. This was our second brewery stop on a "Sunday Funday" of brewery hopping on Florida's Treasure Coast.

Tequesta Brewing entrance

The brewery is located in a strip mall off of US-1. I'd say it's a mid-sized tasting room. There's a large bar a handful of tables and a "lounge" area with sofas and chairs. The first thing you notice about the space is the lighting is a bit dim, making it a bit of a "chill" environment.
Tequesta Brewing tasting room
Great place to chill and drink with friends

Our group got comfy on the couches and looked over the tap list. I usually like to get a flight of beers for the first visit to a brewery, but this time I just wanted to savor one beer. I went with Mind Bender a golden coffee stout (5.9% ABV) that was on nitro. Hubs went with Udderly Delicious milk stout (6.1% ABV). Both beers were very good & I would definitely order them again. They tasted just as you would expect in the description.

The rest of the group got flights.  Those who got the Oh My Gourd pumpkin ale raved about it.
Beer flight at Tequesta
Take Flight

They had a couple of football games on the tv. There was a decent assortment of board games too. We were pleasantly surprised when we got our bill to find out they offer Happy Hour all day Sunday. We got both beers for $7.
craft beer at tequesta brewing

Tequesta Brewing is a good place to hang out with friends and enjoy some beers. There are a couple of areas good for groups or just belly up to the bar with your buddy and enjoy. I will add that they don't allow kids so plan ahead if you were towing your youngsters along.

While you're at the brewery be sure to check out Craft Beer City & Wine about a mile and a half away. One of the best craft beer stores I've been too.

City: Tequesta Florida
My Favorite Beer: Mind Bender (golden coffee stout)
Guest Taps or Bottles: No
Their Beer Sold in Cans or Bottles: ✔
Crowlers: No
Food: No, but you can bring food in.
Patio: No
Kids: No
Dogs: No
Tours: No
Visits: 1
Setting: Strip mall
Vibe: Chill
What I enjoy: This was a laid back spot to drink beer. Beers were good and the prices were great.
Local Spots Nearby to Check Out: The Crafty Crust, Oceana Coffee & Coral Cove Park

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