Craft Beer in Orlando's Mills 50 District

Orlando has a handful of neighborhoods that are fun to explore. Most of them have a decent selection of craft beer spots. The Mills 50 District has plenty of choices to enjoy a good beer. Here are five spots I like to drink a pint or two.

What I especially like about these craft beer spots is each one is unique to each other. 

There's a spot to grab some grub, one to play some video games, another to listen to live music and one to just chill. And they've got a brewery in the hood too.

Ten 10 Brewing

Ten 10 Brewing is the first stop on this tour. This local brewery will be celebrating its one-year anniversary this summer. I've enjoyed seeing the brewery evolve from when I first visited. While they have their core beers they seem to be doing some nice experimental beers lately. On our recent visit, I got a Sundae Best Brown Ale (6% ABV). I thought this chocolate, vanilla & strawberry brown ale was delicious. Bryan and I were only going to split a beer, but we both enjoyed it so, that we ordered two.
craft beer at Ten 10 Brewing
Sundae Best Brown Ale

Ten 10 Brewing has fun events going on all the time. Every Sunday they have donuts to buy to go with your beer. Donuts and beer make quite a nice pairing.
Beer & Donuts at Ten 10 Brewing Co.
Sunday Beer & Donuts 

Ten 10 has a food menu. I always appreciate breweries that serve food. I've enjoyed some sandwiches and pretzels with my beer.

The brewery is a good spot to enjoy some beers and chill. Listen to some tunes, watch a game or enjoy the view along Virginia Avenue.

City: Orlando
Location: Mills50
Popular Beers: IPA, Red Ale, Mango IPA & Milk Stout
My Favorite Beer: Barrel Aged Chronically Mismanaged
Guest Taps or Bottles: Yes
Their Beer Sold in Cans or Bottles: No
Food: Yes
Patio: No
Kids: Yes
Dogs: None during my visits.
Visits: 10+
Vibe: Casual family friendly watering hole
What I enjoy: The location is great for enjoying beers and doing some exploring nearby. I love that they serve food with their tasty beers. Friendly service too!

Pig Floyd's Urban Barbakoa

The next stop is a great place to get fueled up if you didn't over at Ten 10. Pig Floyd's is serving up some delicious meats in a variety of styles. I've enjoyed a few of the tacos, sandwiches, and ribs. Everything I've eaten here is so good. A nice bonus for me is they have a decent selection of craft beer. I don't drink soda, so it's nice when I can find a beer I like to drink with my meal.
Craft beer & ribs at Pig Floyd's in Orlando
Beer & Ribs Oh so Good!

All sorts of folks love Pig Floyd's. All my visits have been somewhat busy. I've been lucky and we usually get there before the line goes out the door.  I don't mind a short wait, it gives me time to drool over their menu. I want to try one of everything. The side dishes like the corn and coleslaw are just as delicious as the main.

The beers here are a number of your standard craft beers, but you'll also find some goodies mixed in. They had Xocoverza and Pineapple Sculpin on my last visit. I had a couple of beers elsewhere before stopping in for dinner, so I was happy to see a session beer to enjoy with my ribs. 
Beer & eats at pig floyd's in Orlando
BBQ and Beers on the Patio

While the restaurant isn't that big the patio is large. Just don't sit down until you've placed your order. I do like that they police that.

Enjoy some good eats and some good beer on the patio. A pretty sweet thing they have going on here at Pig Floyd's.

Beers on Tap: About 6
Bottles: About 30
Food: Yes
Patio: Yes
Bar vs Patio: Patio
Kids: Yes
Dogs: Patio
Visits: 3
Vibe: Eatery
What I enjoy: Delicious BBQ & nice selection of beer.

The Guesthouse

We fancy it up a bit at The Guesthouse. This bar is stylish and comfortable. It's a lovely space that feels like it belongs downtown. 

My first visit was after a show downtown. My girlfriend and I thought we'd stop by for a nightcap. We sat at the bar for a very long time. We sat and sat till we walked out. Perhaps we're not the typical clientele here? As we were leaving we told and employee we had chatted with on our way in about what happened. He offered to make it up to us, by comping us a couple of cocktails.

We decided to give them a chance. We ended up enjoying ourselves catching up chatting over cocktails.

I knew The Guesthouse had a nice selection of craft beers, so I wanted to give them another try. This visit was the last stop with hubs after enjoying an afternoon exploring the neighborhood.
Craft Beer at The Guesthouse in Orlano

I spotted a Concrete Beach Brewery beer Tropic of Passion pale wheat ale (4.9% ABV) on the draft menu. Bryan, on the other hand, spotted a $5 Boilermaker. We were surprised when we got our tab to see that it was so cheap. Come to find out they have Happy Hour every day from 5 pm-8 pm and select drafts are $2. I think we'll be putting The Guesthouse in our bar rotation.
A boilermaker at the Guesthouse Orlando
His Drink

Space inside is wonderful, but if you'd like to enjoy the evening weather they do have a patio set up out back in the parking lot.

The Guesthouse has everyone covered with craft beers, wine, and cocktails. Great spot for a date night or to enjoy drinks with friends.

Beers on Tap: About
Bottles: Yes
Food: No
Patio: Yes
Bar vs Patio: Bar
Kids: No
Dogs: Yes
Visits: 3
Vibe: Chic & hip
What I enjoy: Happy Hour every day till 8. They've done a nice job with the space.


BART is bar meets art meets arcade. This is the smallest venue among the mix. If you're looking for intimate BART is your place.

I've been to BART here and there over the last few years. I like the smaller setting. They have a good selection of cans and bottles though you won't find anything on tap here.

I'm not much of a video game person, but they are fun to play when I'm at BART. I dig the local artwork they have every month. Every time I've been by they have some sort of classic movie on. The last visit was Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Always fun to watch these over again.
Craft Beer at BART in Orlando
Terrapin Beer Co. Liquid Lunch

If you're a fan of Terrapin be sure to check out BART on Tuesdays when it's Terrapin Tuesdays with $2 off all Terrapin beers.

Beers on Tap: None
Bottles: 100
Food: No, but food trucks at time
Patio: No
Kids: No
Dogs: None during my visits
Visits: 4
Vibe: Beer meets art meets arcade
What I enjoy: Small space to chill with friends for beers

Lil' Indies

I have friends who love Lil' Indies and I had been wanting to visit for a long time. It just never worked out. When I saw that they were going to have some Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter on tap I was going to make it happen.

We got there close to when they were opening and there was already a line forming. I'd say there were about 20-25 of us waiting to get a pour. We enjoyed our beers at the bar. We engaged with those around us and got to watch the ladies make some crafty cocktails. There were a few other Funky Buddha beers on tap that evening. We capped our evening with some Last Snow.

Lil' Indies doesn't have a big craft beer menu, but they have some quality choices. I don't need lots of taps and bottles, I just want a beer I'm going to like.
Funky Buddha beer at lil indies

One of the reasons I like Lil' Indies is the set up is a bunch of different rooms with their own vibe. It's a great spot for a date night or to come hang out with a group of friends. They have a nice patio as well. 
lil indie's in orlando's mills50 district
Lounge at Lil' Indies

There are events happening all the time at Lil' Indies. Hubs went back to see Eugene Snowden. They have shows, DJ nights and cocktail events. 

Lil' Indies is a fun spot to end your evening. Perhaps for others, it's where they begin their night, but my late nights of going out are long over.

Beers on Tap: About 8
Bottles: About 8
Food: No
Patio: Yes
Bar vs Patio: Either
Kids: No
Dogs: None during my visit
Visits: 1
Vibe: Eclectic
What I enjoy: I like how there are all these different spaces in and out. The beer selection is small, but quality. They have a nice selection of craft cocktails. Friendly service too.

There are other bars, restaurants, shops, and services to check out in Mills 50. It's a walkable neighborhood worth exploring. 

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