Brewery Visit to Deadly Sins Brewing in Winter Park Florida

Deadly Sins Brewing is one of Central Florida's newest brewery. Though they opened in the summer they didn't have their beers on tap until recently. You can now find their taps are filled with their beers and I'm happy to say I like what I tasted.
Deadly Sins Brewing winter park florida
I like the open air feel

I waited to visit Deadly Sins till I knew I could enjoy some of their own beers. My first visit was during their Grand Opening in mid-October. I went with a group of friends. We were out brewery hopping and Deadly Sins was our third stop of the night. The tasting room was packed!

We were happy to see the swedeDish Food Truck serving up tasty Swedish cuisine that night. We enjoyed drinking and eating and taking in the vibe.

We couldn't do flights that day because of the craziness of the celebration, so I went with a coconut imperial stout. Imperial Coconut La Mortelle Nuit (11.3%) was delicious. I love coconut beers and this beer did not disappoint.
craft beer at Deadly Sins Brewing
Imperial Coconut La Mortell Nuit

My second visit was a complete opposite of my first. Bryan and I biked over on a Sunday. It was very chill in the tasting room. There were groups of people scattered about, some playing games others watching the game on the TV.

We decided to split a flight of beers. I was going through the beer menu and it just happened that I went with a stout flight.
beer flight at Deadly Sins Brewing
Stout Flight

I knew I wanted to get the  Imperial Coconut La Mortelle Nuit (#9) again. I actually liked it even better this time around.  We also got an Imperial La Mortelle Nuit with coffee beans and cocoa nibs #10 (11.5% ABV), La Mortelle Nuit #11 (8.3% ABV) & Nitrodamus Stout #12 (8.3% ABV). 

It was nice to try the regular La Mortelle Nuit to see what the base tasted like and it was solid. I liked sticking with a stout flight and comparing them against each other. Next time I will have to mix it up and try one of their IPAs.
Beer Flight at Deadly Sins Brewing
La Mortelle Nuit ~ Nitrodamus Stout ~ Imperial Coconut La Mortelle Nuit ~  Imperial La Mortelle Nuit with coffee beans and cocoa nibs

The tasting room has a bit of a warehouse/garage feel about it. The doors were up bringing the outside in and it made for a nice afternoon enjoying beers.

The brewery has a lot of different events each week. They have food trucks from time to time and they are down the road from 4Rivers if you get hungry and there isn't a truck out front.

This would be a good brewery for groups of all ages to enjoy.
seven deadly sins at deadly sins brewing
Don't be tempted

I like the whole "deadly" theme going on. They can take some Pride in their beer.

City: Winter Park
My favorite beer: Imperial Coconut La Mortelle Nuit
Guest taps or bottles: ✔
Their beer sold in cans or bottles: No
Crowlers: No
Food: No/Food trucks at times
Patio: No/Open Air
Kids: Y✔
Dogs: ✔
Tours: ?
Visits: 2
Setting: Warehouse
Vibe: Warehouse
What I enjoy: The beer was tasty and the service was very friendly. They have a lot of events.
Reviews from the web: 4.4 Google - 3.77/5 Untappd
Local spots nearby to check out: 4Rivers SmokehouseKrungthep Tea Time & Mead Gardens
Nearby brewery: Ten10 Brewing

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