Craft Beer in Baldwin Park

Baldwin Park is a master-planned community in Orlando that has a town center at its heart. In this center, there are a number of restaurants, shops, and businesses. What's nice about venturing to Baldwin Park is it's a walkable neighborhood. You can get to the town center by foot, bike or car. It's a good neighborhood to enjoy a date night or to get out with friends.

If you're like me and you're looking to go out and enjoy a beer you're in luck. There is a handful of spots in Baldwin Park to take in a pint or two. Each place is different from the other, making for some nice options. 

Gator's Dockside 
First off is Gator's Dockside. It's not what I call a true "craft beer" spot. They do however have some craft beer options on their beer menu. Yes, most of them are your standard "craft" options but it is nice to have a spot to go out with family and friends knowing you can, at least, enjoy something that's not crap.
Gators Dockside Baldwin Park
Gator's Dockside

Sometimes I'll swing by just to enjoy a beer on the patio and take in the great view of Lake Baldwin.
craft beer on the patio at gators dockside in baldwin park

If I'm going to Gator's Dockside and grabbing something to eat chances are it's going to be wings. I love me some beer and wings. 
Beer & Wings at Gator's Dockside Baldwin Park

I've got older kids and they enjoy going here for some wings and to watch some football. If my parents come to town for a visit it's a spot the whole family can all go to. 

Beers on Tap: 16 or so
Bottles: ✔
Food: ✔
Patio: ✔
Bar vs Patio: Patio for view inside for games
Kids: ✔
Dogs: Patio
Vibe: Sports bar restaurant
What I enjoy: Coming with my kids and parents

The Nest Bar Orlando

The Nest Bar Orlando is a new craft cocktail bar that is part of Colibri Mexican. This stylish bar is adjacent to the restaurant on New Broad Street
outdoor seating at the Nest Bar Orlando in Baldwin Park

While it is known for being a craft cocktail spot they did have a dozen or so craft beers on the menu including a handful of local brews. Hubs went with a Bell's Two Hearted on our visit.
bells brewing craft beer at The Nest Bar Orlando

The bar has a lounge feel about it. A nice spot to chill with friends or enjoy drinks on a date night. If you're looking to mix it up the cocktail menu was👍

Bottles: 12+
Food: ✔
Patio: ✔
Bar vs Patio: Bar
Kids: No
Dogs: Patio
Vibe: Stylish
What I enjoy: It's nice to have a lounge in Baldwin.

Uptown Park Wine Bar
I've been to Uptown Park Wine Bar a few times, but my last visit wowed me. I hadn't been in for some time and they recently did a remodel of the bar and it's👍
Uptown Park Wine Bar
Uptown Park Wine Bar

I enjoy how Uptown is an intimate place to enjoy a beer. It's off the beaten path in Baldwin. They have a large selection of craft beer in bottles. There are about a dozen drafts, but those tend to be the "standard" craft options.
Beer Cooler at Uptown Park Wine Bar
Beer Cooler

Uptown Park Wine Bar has a daily Happy Hour with $1.50 off beers from 4 pm-7pm. I found a delicious beer to enjoy on my last visit. 

Uptown Park Wine Bar has a small menu with cheese plates and sandwiches. It's a nice spot for a drink with friends. The comfortable setting has made it enticing to stay a little longer and enjoy another pint.

Website: None
Beers on Tap: 12
Bottles: 75+
Food: ✔
Patio: Y✔
Bar vs Patio: Either
Kids: None during my visits.
Dogs: Patio
Vibe: Casual yet a touch of class
What I enjoy: They just remolded the space. Nice selection of bottles.

The Osprey Tavern
I had been wanting to visit The Osprey Tavern ever since it opened last year. I had heard great things about this beautiful tavern. I was happy when Bryan and I finally got to stop by and see what all the buzz was about.
The Osprey Tavern Happy Hour
Ale Go Rithim from Playalinda

Bryan and I rarely sit down for a full meal at restaurants. We end up drinking more than we do eating. When I heard The Osprey Tavern had a Happy Hour (5-6:30) Tuesday - Sunday, I thought it would be a good opportunity to check them out on a Saturday night.

We sat at the bar. This bar is beautiful. It sits in the middle of the dining room. There is a lot of seating all around. The marble is gorgeous. I especially like that they have a couple of tv's above showing the games, but they're set in a way that they aren't distracting to those not interested.

There are Happy Hour Bites & drink specials. There are a half dozen beers to choose from. It was nice to see a Playalinda beer thrown in the mix. Bryan went with the Brown Ale while I was the mood for a Saison.

We ordered a few things off the Bites menu and it was all delicious.
Happy Hour Bites at The Osprey Tavern
Happy Hour Bites at The Osprey Tavern

While there are only 18 beers or so on the menu at The Osprey Tavern there are some really great ones in the mix. It's not the "usual" craft beer finds here. I made sure to let the bar manager know how much that was appreciated.
Craft Beer at the Osprey Tavern
Freigeist Rhubarb Gose

Bryan and I enjoyed our visit so much we came back a couple of weeks later. The Bites menu changes a bit which is nice. This visit I enjoyed an Anchor Brewing Barrel Ale Strong Ale. It was wonderful.

The Osprey Tavern is becoming a favorite spot of ours. The beers, food, service, and atmosphere make for a great night out.

Beers on Tap: 8
Bottles: 8
Food: ✔
Patio: ✔
Bar vs Patio: Bar
Kids: ✔
Dogs: Patio
Vibe: Restaurant
What I enjoy: Small but quality beer menu. The restaurant is one of the nicest looking in town. Happy Hour on weekends too.

Winestyles Baldwin Park

Winesyles in Baldwin Park is a nice spot to cap the evening off. Of course, there is plenty of wine, but this wine bar has a decent selection of craft beer. They have about six beers on tap and over a hundred bottles. Caviller is a distributor so there are some goodies to be found here where many people aren't looking.

I especially like the chocolates that they have. Nothing better than ending a night with a stout or porter and some chocolate. 

Beers on Tap: 8
Bottles: Over 100
Food: ✔
Patio: ✔
Bar vs Patio: Either
Kids: Yes
Dogs: Patio
Vibe: Wine bar
What I enjoy: Nice spot to end an evening after dinner with some beer & chocolate.

The Admiral Cigar Club & Seito Sushi also had some craft beer, but those were more of a place I'd go for cocktails.

Tactical Brewing will be setting up shop in the Town Center. Fresh beer there!🍻

Craft beer finds in nearby Audubon Park & Mills50
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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in January 2016 and has been completely revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.