Hourglass Brewing Hosting Two Bottle Releases Saturday July 1st.

On Saturday July 1, Hourglass Brewing will be hosting one of its biggest bottle releases of the year for its highly anticipated new brews, Giant Giant Dwarf, and Augustus.

Giant Dwarf is a 12% ABV Imperial stout. It is 50% stout aged in bourbon barrels and 50% fresh stout. After blending, they added cacao nibs from the Dominican Republic, Tahitian vanilla beans, Maraschino cherries from Italy, and Brazilian espresso beans roasted right here in Orlando. The end result is a rich, flavorful stout that is a fan favorite in their lineup.
Hourglass Brewing Giant Dwaft bottle label

Augustus is a 7% ABV sour ale with cacao added and is the successor to Violet in Hourglass’ award-winning Wonka-inspired sour ale series. The beer was 100% fermented and aged in barrels that previously contained a chocolate stout. After 12 months of aging, they roasted raw cacao beans in house and let them soak for an additional 6 months. Drinkers can expect a truly unique beer that starts off fruity and tart, and ends with a blend of funk, dark chocolate and oak.

Hourglass Brewing Augustus Beer Label

Hourglass Brewing Augustus Beer Label

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