A craft beer lovin' lady having fun exploring Florida's craft beer scene one pint at a time.

I grew up in a small town in Michigan. I couldn’t wait to get out and explore new areas. I moved to Denver when I was 21, and that is where I met my husband Bryan. I remember the first time I tried a “craft” beer was in Downtown Denver at Old Chicago. It was Pyramid Apricot Ale. I loved it and I still do. Fruit beers were my thing.
In the spring of 1995, we were dining with some friends at a local restaurant. I happened to be nine months pregnant with our first child. Bryan ordered a new beer. He told me I had to try it. I took just a sip of my first Fat Tire and realized there are other beers out there that I could enjoy besides fruity ones.
While I was starting to enjoy beer a little more I still didn’t give it much thought. We’d enjoy grabbing a bite and a pint at Broadway Brewing which was Flying Dog’s original location. We’d stop by various brewpubs around town, but breweries still weren’t common.
Two more kids later we decided to leave Colorado and head east to Philadelphia. Our family of five enjoyed living in the Northwest neighborhoods of Philly. While we were there we would hit a number of brewpubs. This is when I started to pay a little more attention to beer. We had a neighborhood brewpub open up. Earth Bread and Brewery became my favorite place to eat and enjoy beer. Tom the brewer was usually behind the bar and he shared his beer knowledge with us.
Four years later our family moved to Orlando. Florida was relatively new to the craft beer scene compared to where we previously lived. When we moved to Orlando in 2011 there were only 4 breweries in the metro area. 
This is the time when I wanted to learn more about craft beer. I had no clue about what all the different styles were and which ones I really enjoyed. I knew there had to be other ladies interested in craft beer. Thanks to social media I reached out and found a group of gals who thought it would be fun to meet up once a month and enjoy some craft beer together. I started the Orlando Lady Crafters in the spring of 2012. Our group met monthly ever since. I organized tastings, pairings, dinners, road trips and other fun beer related activities. 

While I had a great time in Florida my journey lead me back to Denver for seven months.  I can’t believe how much craft beer has blown up in this city. While I was sad to leave my Lady Crafters behind, for the time being, I was really excited about the craft beer scene in Colorado.
I have since moved back to Florida. I'm having a great time exploring the Central Florida craft beer scene. A lot has changed in the seven months I've been gone. It's an exciting time for craft beer lovers in Florida.

I hope you will join me on my craft beer journey here in Florida. I hope you will find my blog to be a useful resource in discovering breweries in Florida. I have beer maps of various areas in the state. I continue to add brewery visits to them. It is your virtual Florida brewery tour. I hope to hit as many Florida breweries as I can. I also love discovering craft beer bars and eateries along the way.

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